Construction company in Costa Smeralda

Construction company in Costa Smeralda

The team I Used Buildings from the 1970's and with over 50 years of experience in the construction industry is perfectly familiar with every phase of the realization of a building. The satisfaction, respect for delivery times and delivery estimates agreed are the foundation of our work. 

We build homes, villas, buildings with luxury finishes throughout the territory of the north of sardinia. The construction materials that we choose for the construction of houses, which are the fruit of careful thought, research, and studies that are carried out over the years. We support the customer from the beginning of the work until the delivery in order to ensure high standards of quality and respect to your needs.

The jobs we take care of are:

  • Civil construction and Residential;
  • Construction, Industrial;
  • Construction of wooden roofs.
Costruzioni - Usai Costruzioni
Costruzioni - Usai Costruzioni

Realization wooden roofs Costa Smeralda

We produce wooden roofs around the territory of northern Sardinia. We follow the construction of the roof from the design to the installation and will take care of all the treatments make the wood needed affichà the result is long-lasting and perfect.

We perform all the work on the construction:

  • foundations
  • carpentry work
  • masonry and plaster
  • outer shell
  • flooring and tile
  • stone processing
  • electrical systems
  • hydraulic systems

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