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Renovate your house in Sardinia

I used the Construction sector is responsible for the design and implementation of restructuring outside of the case, with precision and professionalism.

  • Reconstruction Facades: Periodically, it is necessary to carry out the renovation of the facades as the external portion of the property is the most exposed and therefore occurs more quickly the damage suffered from the weather and spend time.
  • Outer coat: in the context of upgrading the energy efficiency and living comfort sometimes it will be necessary to make a cover that allows you to isolate the building from the heat and cold outdoors. The construction of a thermal coat the outside requires absolute accuracy, procedural, paying the utmost attention to the details of each phase. 
  • Renovation and maintenance wooden roof: we replace the elements of the cover, and take action on moist spots caused by seepage or leakage of water. The class thermal insulation of the roof allows you to save on the cost of heating and cooling and allows you to live in a healthier environment.
Ristrutturazioni - Usai Costruzioni
Ristrutturazioni - Usai Costruzioni

Restructuring internal

At your disposal a team of the best interior designer for the interior renovation of your house in Sardinia. If it is a second home and you do not have the opportunity to be present during all stages of the work, after having agreed on the intervention to be carried out we will focus on the internal restructuring, up to the delivery of “turnkey”.

  • Interior design: we create and achievements spaces, comfortable in relation to your tastes and your needs.
  • Recovery Attic: useful to increase the value of the property, or to gain living space
  • Bathroom renovation: a complete redesign of the bathroom to renew and return a clean appearance and elegant in an environment very important in the house.

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